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Upcoming Events

29th October

Prayer, Praise & Worship Night
Open for all Prince and Princess of God
You are invited to an evening session of giving praise and adoration to our Most High God.

26th October

Mens Fellowship (8am)
Young People Night of Praise (6pm)

14th October

Encounter God's Retreat
3 days (8am to 8pm)

03 October

Out Door Fellowship
(9am to 4pm)


Prayer Request

Our church provides free
christian help & spiritual advice online.
We are here for anyone w/
questions, fears, doubts or worries.
Why not talk to someone who cares

- why not chat & send your prayer request
now to a Christian?
We are willing to listen and waiting to help

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We are pleased to have you visit our website. 
Please check our schedule of services
and the variety of ministries
We are conducting in our community.
We hope you will find a place
to enrich your faith and grow in the Lord.
We welcome you to our church. 
Our ministry has different activities
and events for all ages.
Come and experience the joy and
peace the Lord provides,
and we believe you will find
what you are looking for.

God knows all about you and He still loves you. Yes, It is hard to believe.
If you are a believer in Jesus you have already taken the first step in understanding God's love. The scripture that most people like to quote about that is:
John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever shall believe in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
We are all potential "who-so-evers" so we could all come to an understanding of God loving us. God IS in love with you.
He wants you to receive that love and really get it inside you to where you don't doubt it but you are fully convinced of His love for you.
That might sound hard and impossible to some of you.
You think the only way you could get to that point is by being perfect.
When God looks at you he sees the perfection of Jesus.
Time to stop looking at your faults and shortcomings and start looking at yourself the way He does.If God says He loves you (and He does) then who are you to tell Him he doesn't? Accept and receive His love, read His Word, pray, worship Him, praise Him, and move forward in the things of the Lord , knowing that you are unconditionally loved.
Be Blessed!

Location of Our Church

Schedule of Service

0001 University Blvd Dallas,
Texas 75205

* Service Sunday 9:00 AM-Traditional
* Service Sunday 2:00 PM-Contemporary
* Service Sunday 6:00 PM-Evening

* Wednesday 5:30 PM-Bible Study
* Thursday 6:30 PM-Youth Gathering
* Friday 7:30 PM-Prayer Meeting
* Saturday 3:30 PM-Music Ministry Practice

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